Low-carb carbonara?

First off, happy Independence Day!

My schedule made it necessary to celebrate a few days early — and I did it by trying one of the Chicklets’ recipes.

Because I’m working on July Fourth, I had Monday off. After a two-movie marathon (“The Heat” and “White House Down,” in that order), I headed home to cook up some real food.

I knew I wanted to de-carb Jon’s Linguine alla Carbonarra recipe, so I’d already prepared by baking a spaghetti squash Sunday night. That meant it was ready to pile into a bowl for Monday night’s feast.

Spaghetti Squash Carbonara by Arlene Hittle | Chicklets in the Kitchen


Not one to follow a recipe to the letter, I added an extra hit of veggies by wilting a couple handfuls of spinach in the bacon grease left over from cooking two strips of bacon to a crisp. You can see the little green pile at the back of this photo, draining with the bacon on some paper towels.

And yes, I did use real heavy cream. It’s lower in carbs than half and half. And much more delicious …

I was a bit concerned about the egg cooking properly, so after I tossed the cream/egg mixture with my hot squash, I stuck it in the microwave for a minute.

The end result:

Spaghetti Squash Carbonara by Arlene Hittle | Chicklets in the Kitchen

It felt completely decadent, but had just 419 calories and 14.3 net carbs. And it tasted delicious!

That makes it a winner in my book, Jon. Thanks for sharing!

Of course, after dinner, I took myself out for fro-yo, totally negating the low-carb effects. But that’s okay, because it, too, was tasty.

Fro-yo by Arlene Hittle | Chicklets in the Kitchen

That would be a mix of original tart frozen yogurt and mango sorbet, topped with a little coconut, strawberries, raspberries and pineapple chunks. Oh yeah — a few chocolate and white chocolate chips also jumped from the toppings bar into the bowl.

Anyone else tried another Chicklets recipe? Which one? Or what’s your favorite way to top fro-yo? Are you a regular at one of those self-serve places like Pinkberry? 


7 thoughts on “Low-carb carbonara?

  1. I can’t wait to try this. I’ve never had spaghetti squash, but have always wanted to. By the looks of the picture, I’m sure the Mr. will love it.

    I’ve never heard of fro-yo or Pinkberry. Gainesville must be woefully lacking in cool yogurt shops. Your bowl full looks/sounds delicioso!

    • Spaghetti squash is one of my favorites, right behind zucchini and butternut. I hope you and the Mr. like it.

      Fro-yo is just a (hip?) shortened way of writing “frozen yogurt.” I picked that up from the healthy living blog world.

      The place I like to get it from is called Yogurt U, a little mom-and-pop place near Chipotle and Panda Express. They have six to eight flavors, plus a huge toppings bar, and their prices are the lowest in town.

      I’m pretty sure Pinkberry is a chain, and of course TCBY is the grandaddy of fro-yo chains. There’s also a N.J.-based chain called Cups, that’s billed as the “Hooters” of fro-yo. (Ah, the things you learn on the interwebs!) 😉

    • Try it. You might like it!

      I got the idea from paleo blogs. They’ll put anything over spaghetti squash. I also remember trying a spaghetti squash in garlic cream sauce recipe the first time I was on Atkins, from the “Atkins New Diet Revolution” book.

  2. OOh, that looks yummy!!! I may have to try it with the spaghetti squash.

    Lis, we have Mochi’s and … um… Red Mango. They’re both like Pinkberry’s. I think. Though Mochi’s isn’t yogurt, it’s some weird rice thing. Maybe. 🙂

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