Pizza Night in the Sharpe Household

I’m not as cool as Carla – I don’t make my own crust.  But let me tell you, the Sharpes know how to top a pizza!  Mostly.  🙂

When I told The Things we were having homemade pizzas for dinner, they thought it would be cool to have funky toppings. So, I thought, why not?  The Husband said that as long as there was cheese pizza for him, he’d be happy.  We had five crusts in all – two large and three small – and the boys could each top two.  I gave Thing2 one of the larger crusts to make his meat pizza.  The other large crust got cheese.

Thing 1’s first small pizza consisted of tomato sauce, cheese, pineapple, and apples.  It was surprisingly good.  Unexpected flavors that blended fairly well together.  Would I want a pizza like this all the time?  No.  But it was a nice change from the norm.

Pizza ShrimpI made his second pizza, but it was based on his idea of using shrimp.  I mixed some cream cheese with dill, precooked the crust for a couple of minutes, then spread the cream cheese on, followed by the shrimp, then shook on some parmesan cheese, and finished cooking the crust.  It was my favorite pizza of the night.  His, too.  Thing2 liked his meat pizza better, but this one came in a close second.

The meat pizza was exactly as it sounds.  Meat, meat, and more meat.  Ham, turkey sausage, turkey pepperoni, ROAST BEEF, and TURKEY BREAST.  Hey, it worked.

pizza fruitBut the dessert pizza.  Oh, that poor dessert pizza.  Grape jelly, topped with strawberries and bananas.  We each tried it, and spit it out.  Next time, I’d cook the crust first and maybe use strawberry jam instead of grape.  Hmmmm.   That actually sounds pretty good.

Okay, y’all – weirdest toppings on pizza, either homemade or from a restaurant.  GO!

pizza all cooked


10 thoughts on “Pizza Night in the Sharpe Household

  1. When I was a kid, my dad and I used to get a shrimp and mushroom pizza from Pizza Hut. It may have also had sausage on it. I’m not quite clear on the details — I was 8 or younger!

    I don’t want to insult you, but that dessert pizza looks and sounds awful. Have you tried a sugar-cookie crust topped with sweetened cream cheese and fruit? You could probably even go with unsweetened cream cheese …

    • Hey, you’re insulting the imagination of my child! Of course, he spit it out after he took a bite. We all did. *laugh* The sugar cookie sounds YUM, though.

      Mmmmm.. shrimp and mushroom pizza. Did it have a tomato sauce?

  2. I’m with Thing1! Awesome choice of ingredients!

    I don’t think I’ve ever tried anything weird on a pizza, but I can tell you my absolute favorite is a Godfather’s Chicken, Bacon, Ranch with chopped tomatoes. Second fave is always a Pizza Hut Meat Lovers Pan pizza. My guys love my homemade the best, but to me it’s just okay.

    • the homemade is probably WAY cheaper, though!

      It’s weird – if I have meat on my pizza, it must be a meat lover’s. I don’t want JUST pepperoni or JUST sausage… give me those plus bacon and ham and… well, MEAT

  3. Arlene – I loved adding the shrimp to the combo pizza at the hut. Lis’Anne – sadly we don’t have a Godfathers here. I loved their pizza.

    And my hubby and I liked Papa Murphy’s take and bake. Cowboy (ie meat) for him and ham/pinapple for me.

    Now I’m craving pizza.

  4. OK… for me, the oddest would have to be kimchee. It was actually on a flat bread, but close enough. It produced some really odd flavors that, while I found them interesting, I would certainly not want them all the time, nor would I probably ever make it for myself.

    My favorite thing to order at Blue Highway is still a Hawaiian with onions… YUMMY!

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