I did so well this week!

Okay, first, I joined Weight Watchers.  Seeing my flabby arms in pictures at the RWA conference made me go… hmmmm.

So I planned all my meals this week (and by this week, I mean Sunday through Wednesday), including chicken strips and antipasto and tacos and hamburgers.  And we had leftovers last night.

But last night … I completely forgot about dinner.  So we had Chinese takeout.

Now, I did get the diet dish of steamed chicken and veggies.  But I also had an eggroll.  And lo mien.  And some fried rice.  And a piece of honey chicken.  And more lo mien.

Good thing my week restarts on Friday, right?

Antipasto is so easy.  Pasta.  Meat.  Cheese.  Veggies.  Dressing. Voila!  Here’s mine:



1 box of ronzoni garden harvest anything.
1 (or more or less, depending on how long the slice) thick slice of deli turkey (like, a quarter inch thick), chopped into bite-sized pieces
1 (or more or less, depending on how much you like cheese) thick slice of provolone cheese (or your choice of cheese), chopped into bite-sized pieces
Mini Turkey pepperonis.  I tried salami, but it didn’t have the kick I wanted. These already come in bite-sized pieces.
Italian dressing.  I’d be extremely impressed if you were able to cut this into bite-sized pieces.  I’d also want pictures.
Vegetables, chopped into … right.  Bite-sized pieces.  Cucumber and tomatoes are my staples.  I also add artichoke hearts and hearts of palm.  Sometimes I add red pepper.  Heck, you could even add fruit if you want (and purists everywhere, who were mostly okay with the pepperoni, now full-out disagree).

One thing, though.  I hate olives.  HATE THEM.  With the passion of a thousand burning suns.  So you won’t find them anywhere near my recipes.  Or even in my house.   And I’m certainly not suggesting you add them to your meal.  Even if you do chop them up into bite-sized pieces.

Cook the pasta according to package directions.  Mix it with some dressing so it doesn’t get sticky, then put it in the fridge to cool down.  I usually do this the night before.

THEN – add everything else and mix it up good!  Add more dressing as you see fit.  Eat and enjoy.  I think one cup of it is maybe around 12 points.  Which is kinda a lot, but my breakfast and lunch are usually light on point values.

… yeah, I got nothing by way of questions for you.  What did you have for dinner last night?





4 thoughts on “I did so well this week!

  1. Leftovers! 🙂 But my (completely weight-watchers friendly!) meals this week were: spaghetti squash with “homemade” meat sauce (noodles for the non-dieting family members), chicken parm (made with these new lighter frozen breaded chicken breasts – less breading and i think they are baked?), and curry that was mostly veggies.

    If you have any ww questions, hit me up. I’m downright PRO at it by this point! (also? I broke my plateau!! woo!!)

    Also? Don’t beat yourself up too much. It’s a new week starting today. It takes time to get used to it.

    Also? occasional splurges are what flex points are for. Just make sure to record the points for everything.

  2. Your antipasto looks delish and filling!

    I made Mexican pizzas for supper. I have no idea how you’d figure up WW points for something like that. I used turkey instead of gb if that makes a difference.

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