Help! I can’t find my kitchen

I’m about to get real.

Y’all know I write romance, like the rest of the Chicklets. And you celebrated with me when I recently announced my first sale.

Since then, I’ve been riding a whirlwind — edits, dedication and bio and art fact sheet all had to be returned in preparation for my release the week of Oct. 15.

The art sheet task alone required a solid hour of browsing stock photo sites for pictures of sexy ballplayers. (Rough assigment, eh?) And writing a short dedication and bio took nearly as long as writing the whole darn book. Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration.

Ahem. More than slight. But when you add my writing jobs to a 40-hour-a-week day job, and …

You guessed it. I haven’t been spending nearly enough time in the kitchen. Fast-food restaurants and frozen dinners are my new best friends. (And exercise time has become nonexistent, but that’s a whole other problem.)

So let’s talk frozen dinners, shall we?

Frozen Dinners R Us | Chicklets in the KitchenI stopped at Safeway on the way home from work Wednesday to pick up a few more meals to get me through the week.

My absolute favorites are the Atkins frozen dinners, especially the Chili Con Carne and Chicken Pot Pie. Sadly, they cost more than twice as much as, say, your SmartOnes or store brand meals. One Atkins meal is $4.49 at Safeway; the others are on sale 5 for $10, or $2.50 apiece.

So I loaded up on Healthy Choice. I’ve been digging the Healthy Choice Steamers (the basil chicken was especially good last week). But when I saw the baked pasta dishes, I decided give them a try. You can never go wrong with a good lasagna. In the picture at least, this one looks good.

Do you have a go-to frozen savior? Or are you the kind of person who freezes your own?

I like to make extra and freeze leftovers — but, as I just established, I haven’t set foot in the kitchen for weeks. My stock of homemade frozen dinners has dwindled and I find myself relying on Dr. Atkins and Monsieur Choice.

Another question: When you eat a frozen dinner, do you try to bulk it up with a salad or extra veggies?

I like to do that, too, when I’m not grabbing them straight from the freezer for convenience.



8 thoughts on “Help! I can’t find my kitchen

  1. I grab those for lunch, add a serving of veggies, and I’m good. But I’m like you, I’d rather have homemade. And I normally cook dinner even if it’s just grilled something. Good luck on finding a balance. I’m trying to do everything and burning out. 🙂

  2. I love the “Healthy Choice” chicken dinners: Roasted Chicken Marsala with Mushrooms & Rosemary Chicken & Sweet potato are the ones I grab most. I think “Lean Cuisine” has a Southwest Fiesta Chicken meal that’s ok also.

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