Characters gotta eat, right?

Less food. More sex.

That was the gist of the critique from one of the first friends who read my manuscript for BLIND DATE BRIDE. She explained that food is often a metaphor for…well, you know—and I should just get my hero and heroine in bed instead.

Being the kind of gal who loves to read steamy scenes, I took her advice to heart.

But only to a point. Characters still have to eat. And, for me at least, talking over a meal is an efficient way for them to learn a lot about one another.

Yet when I started looking for a nice meal scene from my debut release, DIVA IN THE DUGOUT, it was like trying to find an unbiased referee at a Lakers game.

My plan was to recreate a meal from the book for this, my first Chicklets post in too long. I’ve not only been gearing up for DIVA’s release but also rushing to finish the first draft of Book 3 in my Love and Baseball series. (It’s set to come out in April 2014. Book 2, BEAUTY AND THE BALLPLAYER, will be released in March 2014.)

Alas, there were no steamy food scenes to be had in DIVA. Perhaps it’s because Dave and Melinda eat with their daughter, both together and separately, more often than they do alone together.

Eventually, I did run across a meal I could recreate without taxing my culinary prowess too much.

Mac & Cheese

Mac and cheese with all-beef hot dogs and frozen peas. It’s what Mel feeds her four-year-old before the daddy-daughter dance Dave is set to take her to.

Obviously, I overcooked my dog a little. Don’t do that. Two minutes in the microwave is too long, even for jumbo-sized all-beef franks.

It’s a throwback meal, for sure. Comfort food at its finest. And it was surprisingly delicious. Maybe that’s because I’ve been craving macaroni and cheese something fierce lately.

Even if Dave, Mel and Tara don’t eat much, they’re ready for your reading enjoyment.

Diva In The Dugout  |  Arlene HittleThe blurb:

After a successful stint in drug rehab, Arizona Condors shortstop Dave Reynolds is still trying to outrun his bad boy reputation. When the team’s new owners tell him to shape up or be fired at season’s end, he vows to change. He doesn’t count on fatherhood playing a part in his transformation.

Melinda Cline makes a rash decision: take solace in the arms of a sexy-as-sin ballplayer whose name she tells herself she doesn’t want to know. Big mistake. Now, a single mom to a four-year-old, Mel strives to live as cleanly and quietly as possible. But fate intervenes and she comes face to face with the man who insists on being included in their daughter’s life. The attraction between them is still strong, but it may not survive Dave’s reputation or his attempts to do the right thing.

Can the Condors bad boy step up to the plate and knock out a home run for fatherhood? And if he does, will his daughter’s mamma be ready?

Find DIVA IN THE DUGOUT at Turquoise Morning PressSmashwordsAll Romance Ebooks and Amazon. I haven’t seen it on Barnes & Noble yet (though I keep checking). My publisher says Smashwords will begin distributing to BN, Kobo, iTunes and other e-tailers within the week.


5 thoughts on “Characters gotta eat, right?

  1. OK, this is a little out there, but one of my favorite science fiction series that no one else has ever read by Allan Cole and Chris Bunch, called the Sten series, features a recipe in every book.

    The recipe was used by a character that was immortal, and showcased “lost in time” recipes from approximately our current time frame. Some of them looked to be excellent.

    That being said, I think throwing in a recipe in written form is a wonderful way to broaden the scope of a manuscript. It adds depth to the story, makes your characters more life-like, and most importantly…. works great as filler! 🙂

  2. Food is far too important to serve as a metaphor for anything else.

    I like the idea of including a recipe. It can be a fantastic way to tell the reader more about the character(s) without being too descriptive. You can often tell a great deal about someone from the food they eat.

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