Made with heavy cream and sugar-free syrup, so it’s low-carb, at least.

Arlene is a journalist and aspiring author who grew up in the Midwest and moved to Arizona more than a decade ago. Because she’s constantly struggling with her weight, her kitchen has a bit of an identity crisis. Over the years, she’s gone from making all-out Midwestern comfort foods to living la vida low-carb while on the Atkins diet. When she fell off the low-carb wagon — at her now-fiance’s urging — her weight crept back up, so she tried Weight Watchers, but never got the hang of cooking with fat-free (read taste-free) cheese — so she went back to low-carbing it. She’s only recently begun to venture into the world of grain-free, (mostly) dairy-free, artificial sweetener-free cooking — paleo. Surprisingly, she doesn’t miss cheese. She has not, however, been able to completely give up her beloved Starbucks coffee drinks.


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