Spinach Roll-Ups

Spinach Roll-ups | Chicklets in the Kitchen Hello again! It has been a while since I have posted, but I have been kind of busy lately.

I have decided to take on a new task these days. Instead of going with the old favorites of my family, or exotic meats, I am instead going to go through old recipe books that I have lying around. Many of them were passed down from my mother, who is still alive, but no longer uses these books (or never used them in the first place!) Continue reading


Cottage Pie


Hello! I am back again with a quick recipe that I sort of threw together last night from left-overs!

This past weekend I had a fun time cooking for a group of about thirty teenagers and adults at a local state park, where they were doing their annual retreat in preparation for a medieval fair that they perform in every year. I have done this for a number of years now, and am starting to get it down to a science in the preparation and performance of the meals. Continue reading

Slow Cooked Hawaiian pork

Hello, your resident Rooster is back in the house, this time playing around with some slow cooking methods.

This recipe has been getting bandied about amongst us for a while now with some success and some failure. This is really a simple recipe, but there are some key points that I want to make about it that can ruin the meal very slowly (it’s slow cooking, after all), so let’s go through it real quick here. First, the recipe… Continue reading

Linguine alla Carbonarra


Hello Chicklets readers! Lis’Anne here with a past Guest Rooster in the house today. Jon Akers is sharing one of his culinary masterpieces, a hearty pasta dish. Welcome back to the Kitchen, Jon! 😀

Looking at the past month or so of posts, I note that there is a severe lack of dishes and recipes that are, well… not necessarily healthy for you. As such, I present to you a favorite pasta dish of mine that is possibly going to set your taste buds into overdrive and your heart into palpitations of distress. Linguine alla Carbonarra!

The finished product, linguine alla carbonnara!

The finished product, linguine alla carbonnara!

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Cucumber Salad

I thought about it for a little while (all right… it was only a couple of seconds… I thought about what I had in my refrigerator and went from there) and decided I’d delve into the dank, mystical corridors of the cucumber salad.

Now, I’ve always loved this salad. It’s a refreshing dish that is light and palate cleansing. I’ve only seen it done in one restaurant, namely the California Grill on top of the Contemporary Hotel on the Walt Disney World property, overlooking the Magic Kingdom. The salad is usually served with one or two of the most excellent sushi dishes prepared by Yoshi… I wish I had a picture of it somewhere in my archives, but… oh wait! There it is! Continue reading

Guest Jon Akers, Medieval Faire Chef Extraordinaire

I have been reading Chicklets in the Kitchen for quite some time, ever since Abigail advertised the blog in a different venue, and I have posted a number of comments from time to time, even winning a cookbook. This past weekend, I was convinced to write a guest article on one of the dishes that I make, and in this case it happens to be venison curry. Continue reading