Thanksgiving’s Coming–And I Need A GOOD Gluten-Free Crust

I hate making crust. I mean I hated it when I could eat wheat. It probably has something to do with the fact that I could never roll out the dough right. It was always too think or too lumpy or too crumbly.

Now that I’m gluten-free I can’t find a crust that tastes yummy. Most of the year that’s not a big deal, but Thanksgiving is coming and I REALLY want a good old-fashioned pumpkin pie.

So I’m turning to you Chicklets readers… Do you have a great family recipe that I can convert to gluten-free? Or do you have a fantastic gluten-free crust recipe that you want to share? Help a Chicklet out, please!


Gluten-Free Girl and Guest Chick JODI VAUGHN!

I’m so excited to welcome another LaLa-lovely author, Jodi Vaughn.

Jodi-Final HeadshotShe’s got a lot to tell us today, so I’ll jump right in with the interview.

GFG: What’s your favorite food?                               JV: Chocolate and Pinot Noir

GFG: Hmm…I love both of those too! Now, what’s your least favorite food?
JV: Licorice and Peppers

GFG: *shudders* I like peppers but not when combined with licorice. 🙂 Let’s move on to something tastier. How about literature… What three books influenced you the most in life? Continue reading

Guest Chicklet ROWENA O’SULLIVAN & The Winner is…

First, thank you Rowena O’Sullivan for stopping by yesterday! We loved having a guest from Down Under! Come back anytime!

Now…CONGRATULATIONS  Julie McDonough! Contact me at mary AT marybehre DOT com with your email address!

Thank you, Julie for commenting. And thank you, Rowena for sharing your story and your recipe!

Have a great day, Chicklets & Roosters!

Gluten-Free Girl Introduces Guest Chick, ROWENA O’SULLIVAN

Rowena SullivanHappy Wednesday, Chicklets! This week I’m excited to introduce the delightful Rowena O’Sullivan. We’re going to dispense with our typical Q&A and Rowena is going to share a little information about herself. So take it away, Rowena!

Waving madly to you all from New Zealand!!

What a wonderful surprise to find an invite from the lovely Mary Behre to guest on the Chicklets in the Kitchen website. Continue reading

Gluten-Free Girl Presents Guest Chicklet–Jaye Garland & The 25th Hour

Hi Chicklets Fans! This week we have another debut author, the incredibly delightful  Jaye Garland!!Jaye Garland Head Shot4 Jaye writes for Soul Mate Publishing and is talented as she is sweet. But don’t take my word for it, pull up a chair and read about her (and her fabulous debut) for yourself! Continue reading

Winner of Cate Price’s Going Through The Notions!

Wow! What a wonderful response we had last week! Thank you again to Cate Price for stopping by.

Now for our winner…LESLIE ANNE LEIGHTON!! Send your snail mail address to mary at marybehre dot com. Cate will be sending you an autographed copy of her book!

And don’t forget to come back to tomorrow chicklets when Jaye Garland stops by to talk about her Amazon best seller, THE 25TH HOUR.

Gluten-Free Girl and Guest Chick CATE PRICE

Cate_PriceHappy Wednesday, Chicklets & Roosters! Today, I’m incredibly excited to be hosting my friend, LaLaLa member, and fellow Berkley author, CATE PRICE. Yesterday, was the release day for her debut Prime Crime mystery GOING THROUGH THE NOTIONS. Continue reading

Gluten-Free Girl & Guest Chicklet LEXI POST

Lexi Post photo smallHappy Wednesday, Rooster & Chicklet fans! I’m so excited to have the fabulous Lexi Post on our website this week. Lexi and I met a couple of years ago at RWA National convention and I’ve been following her career ever since. She’s a delight and a snappy dresser. But there’s more to her than the super cool hats she dons. Pull up a chair and let’s get to know Lexi Post. Continue reading

The Gluten-Free Girl and the Birthday Cake (Part 2)

So last week, I said I was going to post pictures of the birthday cake my kidlets and I made for their great-grandmother’s 90th birthday. Since I’ve made gluten-free angel food cake before, I’m not going to re-post that recipe. BUT… I will post the recipes for the two glazes we used on the gluten-free angel food cake we made for the party. Continue reading