A real “duh!” moment

There are several meals my kids would eat all the time if I let them.  My chili is one.  Meatball subs is another.  Both are super easy to make, but both take a little bit of time (browning the meat and simmering for the chili, and the rolling for the meatballs).

And the other day, I had an AMAZING idea.  Why don’t I make TWO batches every time I make the meal?  That way, I only have to make it ONCE!

Plus, if I poorly plan a meal for the week, I’ll have something in the freezer ready to go!

So I did.  And it was BRILLIANT!!!   I put the meatballs in a freezer bag, and then popped them out when I needed something fast.  The chili takes a bit more planning, since it also requires Abigail’s Awesome Guac.  But still – going to the grocery store for a few items is a lot easier than planning an entire meal.

Meatball sub recipe coming next time I make it so I can take some pictures.

Do you ever make double-batches of a meal?  Tell me all about it.


Guest Chicklet–Lena Diaz with Easy Peasy Deviled Eggs

Lena Diaz

2010 Golden Heart Finalist and Romantic Suspense Author, Lena Diaz

Happy Friday Chicklets! Yesterday, Arlene hosted the fabulous Kimberly Kincaid. Today, I am super-excited to invite back my friend and brilliant romantic suspense author, Lena Diaz! Lena’s first Harlequin Intrigue book, THE MARSHAL’S WITNESS came out in February and that book is getting some great reviews! So without further ado (and rambling from me), I give you Ms. Diaz.


Mary, thank you so much for hosting me on Chicklets in the Kitchen!  This is my second visit and I’m just as nervous this time as the first time. Why? Because I’m a lousy cook and I have such a hard time coming up with recipes.

I thought about trying to come up with some kind of rabbit stew recipe or with instructions for how to roast a rabbit. My hero and heroine in my latest release, THE MARSHAL’S WITNESS, have to cook a rabbit over a fire to survive in the mountains. But since I’ve never cooked a rabbit (and would certainly never eat one!), I decided to go with something safer. Continue reading

An Old Favorite–Gluten-Free Style

I love chocolate chip cookies. Really love them. So much so, that I’ve spent the past three years perfecting the recipe that Nestle Toll House prints on the back of every bag of semi-sweet morsels.  By adding one ingredient and substituting two others, I have cookies guaranteed to make my children grin when they come home from school.chocolate chip cookies

Continue reading

The Magic of Salsa

The food, not the dance.  Though I’d like some magic there, too.  😉

Salsa is, like, the perfect food.  Low in calories.  Full of flavor.  Makes things taste better.

So why this sudden love affair?  I made Tuna Noodlerrific tonight, but something was missing.  I had only celery as an add-in veggie, and it was just bland.  As I dug through my fridge to see what else I had, I found The Salsa.  So I mixed it in.

It?  Was awesome.  I didn’t think I would like it as much as I did, but YUM.

So have you ever combined foods that hadn’t been combined before?  Been pleasantly surprised by the results?  Or repulsed?

Gluten-Free On The Road

It’s the week before Thanksgiving and unlike most of America, I’m traveling this week and not next. Why, you may ask?

We’re combining the holiday with a family vacation! Sea World here we come. 🙂

Chester: The Coastal Cruising Pup

So, we’re loading up the Mazda and hitting the road.

For the fifteen hour trek, my car will have two adults, two boys, and one very active Pomeranian. Here’s his picture…isn’t he cute?!

Anyway, eating out is always hard when you’re Gluten-Free. Now that I’m watching my cholesterol too, it’s doubly fun.

So, here’s what I’m doing. Behind the front passenger’s seat is a cooler. It will be loaded with blueberries, grapes, pears, apples, sliced  strawberries, low-fat cheese, carrots, celery, juice drinks, and strawberry/blueberry tea. Continue reading

Guest Chick Monday: Lizzie Pierce and some good ol’ matzo ball soup

Guest Chick Day!  Lizzie Pierce and I have known each other for *mumble mumble* years and I’m squeeing that not only did she agree to be a guest, but she’s divulging her Jewish Penicillin recipe (and can also be considered for Easy Breezy Freezy)!  She is a writer, blogger, amateur chef/baker, and passionate (if a little insane) high school English teacher from points South. Alas, she has yet to be published, as the company that paid her for her writing ended up folding shortly thereafter.  She can be found spouting recipes and her opinions on various books and restaurants at http://bitesnbooks.wordpress.com/ and will eventually proudly have her name displayed on the cover of a wonderful work of YA literature featuring no vampires whatsoever. At least if her three children ever give her the time to finish writing it…

It’s a long post but well worth it.  And one commenter will win a copy of Mr. Sunday’s Soups.  MMmmmmm…. Soup’s on, Lizzie!  Continue reading