A real “duh!” moment

There are several meals my kids would eat all the time if I let them.  My chili is one.  Meatball subs is another.  Both are super easy to make, but both take a little bit of time (browning the meat and simmering for the chili, and the rolling for the meatballs).

And the other day, I had an AMAZING idea.  Why don’t I make TWO batches every time I make the meal?  That way, I only have to make it ONCE!

Plus, if I poorly plan a meal for the week, I’ll have something in the freezer ready to go!

So I did.  And it was BRILLIANT!!!   I put the meatballs in a freezer bag, and then popped them out when I needed something fast.  The chili takes a bit more planning, since it also requires Abigail’s Awesome Guac.  But still – going to the grocery store for a few items is a lot easier than planning an entire meal.

Meatball sub recipe coming next time I make it so I can take some pictures.

Do you ever make double-batches of a meal?  Tell me all about it.