On cooking when you’re pressed for time

Folks, I hate to tell you this, but Abigail’s asking the wrong question. Her new book is titled “Who Wants to Marry a Cowboy?” when a much better question is “Who Wants to Marry a Chef?”

I know the answer to answer that one: Me, me! I’d love to have someone cook for me. All. The. Time. And if he looks like John Stamos (or Gerard Butler or Channing Tatum), all the better.

Sadly, that’s not possible. The Boyfriend — who is NOT a dead ringer for a hot movie star — cooks even less often than I do. In fact, he expects me to do the cooking for him. Say what? Hasn’t he heard of Women’s Lib? 😉

But — for this week only — I have something almost as good as a live-in chef. I have Diet-to-Go. Continue reading