Cilantro-Lime Salmon Over Cauliflower Rice and Peas: Chicklets in the Kitchen Post


Cilantro-Lime Salmon Over Cauliflower Rice and Peas

It’s Christmas and if you’re reading this on Christmas Day, you’re probably all set to eat your holiday dinner. Whether that’s a standing rib roast, a glazed ham, the feast of the seven fishes or some combination thereof, it’s probably over the top, heavy on the fats and sugars, and enough to put you in a food coma. The day after tomorrow is left overs, of course. But sometime before the final bingeing of New Year’s Eve, you more than likely want something a little lighter. This may be what you’re looking for.

I was watching an episode of The Pioneer Woman and she made a Cilantro-Lime Rice and Salmon dinner. I like salmon, and in my house, we don’t eat fish as much as we should. This recipe sounded perfect. I modified it to be paleo, and this is what I came up with. Feel free to make adjustments to fit your family’s tastes. This is easy and fast to make and very easy to be made to feed 2 people or a big crowd.


Cilantro-Lime Salmon over Cauliflower Rice and Peas feeds 3 with leftovers


Cutting Board

Medium Mixing Bowl

1 Large and 1 Medium Frying Pan


Large Knife

1 Cup Measuring cup

Measuring Spoons

Large Spoon




2 Limes, zested, juiced

1/2 bunch Cilantro, minced

1 1/2 each 12 oz packages Riced Cauliflower

1 cup frozen Peas

1 cup Gluten Free Soy Sauce

Oil for Cooking (I used Olive Oil)

Salt and Pepper to taste



Cut salmon into serving size pieces. Salt and pepper both sides. (If you’ve purchased your salmon already portioned, even better!)


Oil large frying pan and put the salmon skin side down in the hot pan. You want the skin to become crispy!

Oil medium frying pan and when hot, put the cauliflower rice in there. It can be added frozen. It will thaw quickly.


In the bowl, mix the cilantro, lime juice and lime zest. Stir together.

After 4 – 5 minutes, turn the salmon skin side up when you see white coming up the side of each piece. I like my salmon done through. If you like yours more rare, turn sooner.

Stir 1/3 of the cilantro-lime mixture into the cauliflower. Put the frozen peas on top.




Remove salmon from pan. Add the remaining cilantro-lime mixture and the Soy Sauce to the pan. Bring to a low boil, reduce to about 1/2.


Put the salmon pieces back in the pan, skin side up. You want to keep that skin crispy. Warm through.


Stir the cauliflower and peas together.

Serve with the cauliflower-peas on the bottom, the salmon on top. Drizzle a little of the sauce over top.

It’s a lot of steps but each one is very easy. Enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by Chicklets in the Kitchen. Do you have a favorite fish dish to serve family or guests? Please tell us about it in the comments box below if you feel so inclined.

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Chicklets in the Kitchen Post: Swiss Chard and Basil Pesto

Swiss Chard, Basil, Pesto

Swiss Chard and Basil Pesto

Last month I talked about all of the fantastic fresh vegetables you can get at the Farmer’s Market. That’s still the case in July but also in July your home gardens should be producing like crazy. That’s when you want some recipes to use all of that wonderful fresh, organic bounty.

Pesto is just such a recipe. Traditional pesto calls for all basil as the green along with pine nuts, olive oil and parmesan cheese. I have found, however, that all that basil can be a little overpowering. So, the best way to tone it down is to mix it with another green. You can use spinach, arugula, beet greens, anything you have on hand. The best thing about a pesto spaghetti dinner is that it’s nearly no cook. The pesto is a raw sauce, just add hot pasta and you have a lovely meal.

In this case I had an abundance of parsley and just enough basil and chives in my garden, all I had to do was buy some Swiss Chard at the Farmer’s Market to make a delicious meal. I know, I did a Swiss Chard recipe last month. But it’s so good and if you have it growing in your garden, you want to use it, right? So, here’s how you do it.

Pasta, Primavera, Ingredients

Pasta Primavera Ingredients


1/2 pound of Swiss Chard, chopped, leaves and stems

1 small bunch basil,

1 handful chives

1 Cup parsley, picked from stem

1 4oz pkg pine nuts (or walnuts if you prefer)

Salt, Pepper, Red Pepper Flakes to taste

1 1/2 lb Gluten Free Pasta

1/2 Cup olive oil

Heat the water for the pasta while you’re chopping the vegetables.

Gluten Free, Pasta

Gluten Free Pasta

Drop the pasta in the boiling water and follow the package directions for al dente pasta. NOTE: I used this Hodge’s pasta because I really wanted an angel hair type pasta. I was disappointed to see that once I started mixing it into the pesto, the strands broke down into 1/2 – 1/4 inch bits. Not spaghetti at all. It tasted fine, just wasn’t spaghetti. Use your favorite pasta.

Bring a small skillet to medium high heat.

Toasting, Pine Nuts

Toasting Pine Nuts

Drop in the pine nuts to toast. DO NOT walk away. As soon as you can smell the nuts, it’s too late. Watch that pan, toss around to brown evenly. As soon as they brown, take them off the heat to cool.

Swiss Chard, Chopped

Swiss Chard, Chopped

Trim the stem ends of the Swiss Chard and chop. Strip the basil from the stems, same with the parsley. Have the chives on hand, ready to go into the food processor.

Grated, Parmesan, Cheese, Connie Cockrell

Grated Parmesan Cheese by Connie Cockrell

Using a grating blade in your food processor, grate the parmesan cheese. I just grated a whole brick of it. You won’t need all of it but it’ll be ready for your next pasta meal.

Pine Nuts, Food Processor, Connie Cockrell

Pine Nuts in Food Processor by Connie Cockrell

In the food processor, change out the grating blade for the regular blade. Add the pine nuts and whirl until nearly pasty.

Process, Swiss Chard, Connie Cockrell

Process Swiss Chard by Connie Cockrell

Add the Swiss Chard a batch at a time. Process until reduced then add more.

Add, Basil, Chives, Connie Cockrell

Add Basil and Chives by Connie Cockrell

Add the parsley and process.

Scrape down, bowl, food processor, Connie Cockrell

Scrape down the bowl of the food processor by Connie Cockrell

Scrape down the sides a little to get the nuts to mix with the greens.

Add the basil and chives. Whirl some more, drizzling in 1/2 of the olive oil to loosen the sauce.

Add, Parmesan Cheese, Red Pepper Flakes, Connie Cockrell

Add Parmesan Cheese and Red Pepper Flakes by Connie Cockrell

Add the cheese and the red pepper flakes, salt and pepper. Process again adding more olive oil to loosen.

Finished Swiss Chard and Basil Pesto

Finished Swiss Chard and Basil Pesto

Reserve 1/2 cup of the pasta water. Drain the pasta and do a quick rinse. In a large bowl, drop the pesto onto the spaghetti and toss. Add some of the pasta water, it just helps loosen the sauce. Stir to combine. Top with more basil and some grated Parmesan cheese.


Thanks for stopping by Chicklets in the Kitchen. Please tell us about your Farmer’s Market or favorite pasta recipe in the comments box below if you feel so inclined.

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Gluten-Free Girl Brings In Her Husband

I am not a cook. I’ve often said this. I bake. My husband…now, he cooks. His favorite way to relax is to have free reign in the kitchen.

Since I’ve gone Gluten-Free, he’s been testing his culinary skills with new recipes. On Monday night, he treated me to something I’d never had before. Gluten-Free Stuffed Chicken.

It was in a word…yummy. He agreed to share his recipe with the understanding that everybody who tries it should know their oven first. It’s easy to dry out baked chicken. But if you do it right, you’ll have a Gluten-Free masterpiece even the finickiest eater will enjoy!

Here’s the recipe…in his own words! 🙂 Continue reading

Perfect Day

Today was one of those perfect days that I’m sure I’ll look fondly upon when life goes back to being stressful. First, the Things did their homework with (almost) no arguing! That in itself was an amazing gift. I love when they do their homework when I’m cooking and I listen to them talk to each other, like a stealthy silent observer.

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