Finger Paint: A Chicklets in the Kitc

It’s the winter doldrums. The kids no longer want to go play in the snow. You are tired of them either being underfoot or want them off of their electronics. What to do?

I downloaded this graphic years ago and though it says Easie Peasie on the bottom, a website search did not reveal an actual link to give you. So, with my apologies to the actual author, enjoy!

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Vegetarian for a Lifetime & Mortality Risk for Red Meat Eaters

Somewhere today I saw an article that said that eating red meat will reduce your life expectancy. My first thought was, “Well, great. I’m set, then.” But immediately after, I started thinking about my kids. They are SO not vegetarians. If you want to see a 17 year old boy cry, suggest broccoli for a side dish. Continue reading